Selection Policy

Selection Committee

The selection committee is responsible for selecting players to represent the District. The committee will consist of up to five [5] selectors in terms of the SCDMBA Constitution with the Chairman of Selectors being elected at the AGM. The other positions as required will also be confirmed at the AGM or as otherwise required by the Executive or District Council in terms of the By-Laws.

Selector Attributes/Qualities

Candidates seeking nomination as a selector should have the following attributes/qualities:

Has a working knowledge of District policy and the Laws of the game of Bowls. Is respected and has respect for others; is diligent and efficient with high integrity, fairness and is accountable for their actions. Credibility on the green as a player either past or present is desirable.

Selection Philosophy/Aim

The SCDMBA aim is to attract the best possible players available within the Sunshine Coast to represent the District for all matches it participates in. Our aim going forward is to win the State District Sides competition on a regular basis and be respected as a District for our sportsmanship both on and off the green.

Selection Criteria /Standards

The following factors will be taken into account when selecting teams:

  • Individual Performances
    Focus on all-round performance i.e. “Current form is Best form”. We will look at all aspects of play, such as shot play[forehand/backhand], conversion shots and drive/running shots as appropriate to each player and their likely District position.
  • Benchmarking
    Player’s results in Club Championships [singles, pairs, triples and fours] will be evaluated including results and participation in prestige events such as club/district/state competitions .Player results in specific tests will be evaluated e.g. the 48 Bowl Test.
  • Attitude
    This is important and includes player’s attitude towards their club, their District, fellow players and bowlers/ people in general. This will focus on their commitment to train and give their best effort on match days. Willingness to attend training when required as well as their personal contribution to team spirit and performance at all times.
  • Team Balance
    We will focus on ensuring teams are balanced in regard to skill mix, compatibility and performance orientation. Emphasis will be on the team not the individual.
  • Fitness
    We expect players will have the appropriate level of fitness to handle the challenges of representing the District, such as playing at a consistently high level for 4 straight days [ 3 games a day].

Club Nominations for Players to be considered as District Representatives

Clubs within our District are encouraged to nominate players they consider have the attributes and bowls skill to be considered as a potential player for the District. We would expect that Club Selectors would have input to the recommendations. Nominations are to be sent direct to the Secretary of the SCDMBA.

Training Attendance

Personal training – We expect all District players to train twice a week [ for at least one hour each session] with purposeful training programs as set by themselves and the District. In addition, in the lead up to District competitions team training will be compulsory at times and venues advised; these are likely to be of at least one hour. Non- attendance without a valid reason will result in Non- selection.

Selection Announcement Policy

Selections will be advised by email to all clubs within the District. However, before selections are formally announced to clubs and players, the Chairman of Selectors will personally contact those players not selected and provide the player with
information which may assist in improving themselves for future selections. No other Selectors have authority to announce teams beforehand or have separate discussions with players without the consent of the Chairman of Selectors.

Financial Status

Players selected to play for the District must ensure they are paid up members of a club within the Sunshine Coast in the current financial year.


If a player is unable to play, they will not automatically be re selected for the next match. The player who has taken their spot, if performance justifies ,will retain their spot. Players should advise the Chairman of Selectors of any dates they are not available, as early as possible.

Post Selection Policy

In the event a selected player becomes unavailable after selection, replacement players will be decided upon by the selection committee. Injured or unfit player will be replaced as necessary.

Code of Conduct

The District has a code of conduct which all players selected by the District are to abide by and acknowledge their responsibilities. This also includes the District’s Social Media Policy. These are not negotiable.

Player Infringements

Should this occur the Chairman of Selectors has the discretion to take action as appropriate such as excluding a player from selection for a game/s. In the event of a serious infringement, a written report is to be provided to the District Executive by the Chairman of Selectors. The SCDMBA will take action as appropriate within its boundaries and provide a summary to the player’s club for them to take action as they see fit.

The Appeal Process

The appeal process relates to a serious infringement and will be handled in accordance with the District Constitution and By-Laws and where necessary the players club Constitution and By-Laws.

Date:17th June, 2013
Responsibility: SCDMBA Executive Committee

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