Code of Conduct Agreement

[for Representative Players and Team Officials]

  1. I am, as a SCDMBA representative player, an ambassador of the District and will at all times conduct myself in an exemplary manner while representing Sunshine Coast District Men’s Bowls Association.
  2. I will always respect the time and effort put in by my fellow players and officials. I will always abide by any lawful direction or request made by the Side/Team Manager or his delegated official or a SCDMBA Selector.
  3. I will be conscious that the uniform provided for representative competition will always be clean and well presented. I accept responsibility for ensuring that all uniforms are promptly returned to Team Management at the conclusion of any competition.
  4. I will encourage my team mates at all times. I will respect their contribution and be respectful of all opponents and their play.
  5. I will observe and abide by the Rules and Regulations of Bowls Queensland in regard to alcohol and the Licensing  requirements of the Host Clubs and will conduct myself at all times in a fit and proper manner whilst on the premises of any Host club.
  6. I will advise SCDMBA Chairman of Selectors of any reason/s for my inability to be present at the appointed time for any event [including trial ends] and will not unduly prevent or hinder any other player from meeting any obligation in this regard.
  7. I accept responsibility for keeping alcohol consumption to an acceptable level to ensure my contribution to the team’s performance will not be impeded. I will ensure my preparation will allow me to perform to the best of my ability at all times.
  8. I will, when travelling by organized transport, conduct myself in an exemplary manner. I will not use loud and/or offensive language or display aggressive or offensive behavior whilst representing the District.
  9. When staying in accommodation arranged by SCDMBA, I will always conduct myself in an exemplary manner so as to not bring SCDMBA or the sport of Bowls into disrepute. I will treat any property with care and respect and I acknowledge that, should I be in breach of this undertaking, I will be liable to pay for any damages arising therefrom.Further I shall abide by the following and any other directions issued by the Team Management:
    • At no time will any unauthorized person/s visit or occupy any team room,
    • I will be present at accommodation site by midnight and will not leave the accommodation site after midnight without the consent of the Side Manager or his delegated official.
  10. I acknowledge that any serious or willful infringements of this Code of Conduct shall be deemed to bring SCDMBA into disrepute irrespective of the circumstances or location and accordingly may necessitate disciplinary action being taken against me by SCDMBA.
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